TV: Our favorite meth-dealing cancer victim Bryan Cranston took home his third consecutive trophy at the Emmys last night (co-star Aaron Paul won his first), and some chick named Kim made her singing debut. Also, some really hot women wore some really weird dresses. [Los Angeles Times]

Politics: You've gotta know you're not having a good time if serious-as-steak-tartare PETA is making fun of you. BuzzFeed has a literate carrot and the rest of the best anti-Glenn Beck signs from Saturday's Glenn Beck rally. [BuzzFeed]

TV: Saturday Night Live is picking up three new not-ready-for-primetime players, including nobody that we've ever heard of. We're gonna keep an open mind about this, but if we start actually missing Will Forte...well, that's just a fail. [The Baltimore Sun]

Books: It seems that this voracious Internet thingy is gonna kill the print edition of the venerated Oxford English Dictionary. Look, we're lamenting the demise of print just as much as the rest of the Luddites, but c'mon fam, if there is one thing the Internet was made for, it's replacing 130 lb., 20 volume texts. [Washington Post]

Comics: A trailer just dropped for the much-anticipated animated version of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's Atomic Robo: Last Stop. It doesn't disappoint. [Comics Alliance]