portal2New Portal 2 screenshots are out, and now there's a portal in our pants. Wait, that came out wrong. Now there's a VALVE in or pants. No, that's worse. There's a companion cube in our pants? Ah, forget it. [Game Informer]

The best vandalism ever: Mario power-ups in Portland bike lanes! Give us a Bullet Bill, and we'd be at work in 30 seconds. [Joystiq]

Microsoft is throwing everything it's got at the marketing campaign for Halo: Reach—not including the banhammer it handed out yesterday to fools who played the leaked pre-release version. [Advertising Age]

The creators of iPhone game Angry Birds are trying to turn it into cartoons, movies, and comic books. Great game and all, but good luck with that! [Variety]

Capcom is all, like, not racist and stuff. And their games are gonna be totally not racist too! [Gamasutra]


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