megaman-lead Our favorite blue suited man-child cyborg is back in a trailer that shows the complete destruction of his home city and utter chaos everywhere! The blogs are going nuts...but the game is only being released in South Korea. Did you hear that? A million fanboys just died. [Kotaku]

This is an amazing live-action (yeah, you read right) Halo Reach trailer. What are you doing still reading this? [Destructoid]

In an attempt to keep up with the competition, Best Buy just started a Used Game program. #youmadlatefam [Joystiq]

Warren Spector, the genius behind Deus Ex and all around gamer god, is once again excited about video games. We're pretty sure it's because he's getting that Epic Mickey money, but this in-depth interview reveals the real reason why. [Game Informer]

Brad Pitt might star in a Red Dead Redemption film adaptation. We're cool with that, so long as it doesn't put us to sleep like that Assassination of Jesse James crap. Ride until the (wagon) wheels fall off. [Kotaku]