creatinatorA new trailer for Little Big Planet 2 shows off new gadgets and features, such as Sackboy's new ability to shoot sticky white pellets at enemies. Seriously. It's like the Oozinator times a jizzillion, which is a number reserved for only the most seminal of cases. (Pop)shots fired! [Playstation Blog]

Upcoming rappaoke title Def Jam Rapstar has announced its newest batch of tracks, which includes Nas' "Hate Me Now," PE's "Fight the Power," Khaled & co.'s "We Takin' Over," and Denny Blaze's "Average Homeboy." Achievement Unlocked: Offbeat Reedy Voice Cornball Combo! [Game Focus]

Cosplay Babe of the Week is Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. You had us at "Cosplay babe of the week." [Go Fanboy]

The sequel to last year's ass-kickingest stealth fighter, Batman: Arkham Asylum, is finally officially set for fall 2011. The game, Batman: Arkham City, sends you inside a fortified section of Gotham reserved for the most diabolical and pathological criminals. It's called "The Financial District." [CVG]

Well, it's official: Kaka is the primary face you want to kick of FIFA 11. EA hasn't yet announced who's joining him on the US version, though we've got our fingers crossed that it's the Old Spice guy. [Game Informer]