The entire world and their mothers are waiting for LeBron James to make a decision already, and it seems all those folks (plus their mothers' mothers) have some sort of opinion on where he'll land. Sports analysts are listing his two MVPs and new coach Byron Scott as reasons for staying in Ohio; marketers and effete coastal elites are saying he'd be crazy not to decamp to New York or L.A. And what does Complex say, you ask?

Well, if we were LBJ, we'd put our money where our mouth is (or vice versa) and pick the town with the hottest girls (shameless, and proud of it). And sure, Cali's got a host of fine ladies, and the island of Manhattan is pulsing with pulchritude itself (heck, even Illinois has some dimes). But maybe LeBron's got everything he needs at home in Ohio. We've had our crack ogling research department track down 10 lovely reasons for him to stay put, and you can judge for yourself with our Worldwide Wednesday: 10 hottest Cleveland girls reasons for the King to re-sign.