We here at the Complex offices are sad, very sad. We were caught off-guard when we heard rumors that the lovely Miranda Kerr might be pregnant, but now those rumors have been confirmed. Miranda, don't you know that having a kid is a gateway drug to adulthood? Today you're pregnant, tomorrow you're having a wedding, then you want to take time off from your wonderful philanthropic career to raise the baby because you don't believe in nannies, and blah, blah, blah! Ugh, and what's worse is that smug douche Orlando Bloom is the one behind it all. He's potentially taken the sexy model off the daily blogs, Victoria's Secret books, and commercials for the next year or so. Thanks buddy.

As a shout out to the good times that we shared with Ms. Kerr (not to mention a celebration in honor of her first steps to MILFhood) we're going back into our files, unsticking the pages, and putting them into one of our patented Ultimate Archives of her hottest pics. Oh baby.