Let's cut the formalities and get down to business. Capcom and Namco Bandai are both releasing Street Fighter x Tekken games and the world is excited. Even more so because Capcom's game Street Fighter Vs Tekken is dropping first and it looks will clearly be amazing, even if it's more than a year away. (With this title and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (not to mention the fact that Capcom just announced they plan on releasing more games) it's looking like we're all in for all the dope fighting games we can handle between now and the Mayan apocalypse.) Now, we can sit here and brag about how we're probably going to play it before you do (and trust, when the time comes, the bragging will be vicious), but the truth is we don't know much. A character list hasn't even been handed out, all we got was a small teaser video at Comic-Con, so we can only imagine what the future holds for gamers—after all, the two games' rosters are surprisingly similar, sharing slightly skewed versions of the same character archetypes. So being the visionaries that we are, we decided to put together what some of those marquee matches would look like. You can thank us now or you can thank us later, just remember to thank us. We'll see you after the matches!