The best way for an aging consumer-test agency to stay relevant? Say that the iPhone 4 sucks and that it should get recalled! Whatevs. What is cool, though, is that now, thanks to Consumer Reports, tech bloggers can put their money where their mouth is and bet on the iPhone 4 recall. Paddy Power, an Irish booking service, is the spot, it will let you bet for or against what could be some crazy news in the history of the greatest phone ever. [Mobile Crunch]

Facebook's assets are currently frozen because an early investor is claiming he owns 84% of the business. Oh dear. [CBS]

Guess what? One of those Russian spies worked at Microsoft. [Gizmodo]

ESPN is signing on to the 3-D sports bus. Hey guys, keep up this whole being-awesome thing, it makes our free time a lot more entertaining. [Wired]

Apple just got itself a new mapping company. It's called Poly9, and it specializes in 2-D and 3-D mapping technology. Yay! With the rate that the world is eating up this 3-D we might never have to leave our houses. [Business Insider]

Bing is going Android. [PC World]

No matter what, the iPhone 4 is still sick. Make it that much better with the new Incase protector. [High Snobiety]

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