Having dropped the price of the Kindle to $139, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos boldly predicted the online retail giant will sell more e-books than paperbacks sometime in the next nine to 12 months. With e-books already outselling hardcovers by far—Amazon says it sells 180 Kindle books for every 100 hardcovers—it actually doesn't seem that far-fetched. [Mashable]

You can now put your entire Dougie routine on YouTube. [PC World]

The new Android 2.2 update, Froyo, will drop for HTC Evo users on Tuesday. Why do we feel like eating yogurt? [Computerworld]

According to a new study, iPad owners are "rich and self-centered." Gasp! [Telegraph]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer attempts to get people amped for Microsoft's upcoming tablet. [PC World]

A 70-gigapixel panorama of Budapest is now the world's largest photograph. It's crazy. [Engadget]

The U.S. government seem to have finally discovered a little something called "global warming."
[National Geographic]

You can now use Google Earth to see if it's raining in Fiji. [CrunchGear]

This is no joke: A zebra and a donkey successfully crossbred, producing—you guessed it—a "zedonk." [BBC]