Now that they're no longer buddy-buddy with Apple, Adobe has apparently set its sights on the Android platform by developing a FaceTime-like video-calling program for phones running the Google OS. The new "FlashTime" app is based on Adobe Air 2.5, which is said to be equal to its desktop Flash brethren. Air 2.5 will give the Flash-based app access to the phone's microphone and video camera, and will be easily portable to other operating systems. Yeah, there are other programs for Android that already do this, but we have a feeling Adobe's gonna put a little extra spit-shine on this one. [Engadget]

Sir Richard Branson's intergalactic space craft, the SpaceShipTwo, made its first flight with a crew on board, and Wired has video. [Wired]

Sharp and Verizon are going after Amazon's Kindle... [Electronista]

...but Jeff Bezos could care less, as Kindle digital books are now outselling hardcovers. [Electronista]

Hollywood studios got together and made a new digital-movie streaming standard. Good luck with that. [PC World]

Nokia may be going through it, but they've got a cool self-rising concept phone. [Mobiledia]

Going to Comic-Con? Cop this free Tron game. [PC World]

The people behind FarmVille raked in crazy dough. [Business Insider]