TV: The new season of Dexter starts in September, and a promo clip debuted this weekend at Comic-Con. Looks ill, to say the least. [Warming Glow]

Movies: '70s Babies crush Elisabeth Shue won't be done with horror flicks after Piranha 3D drops next month; she's signed on for The House at the End of the Street. Be afraid (and happy). Be very afraid (and happy). [Dread Central]

TV: New Jersey governor Chris Christie blames New Yorkers for the Garden State's bad Jersey Shore press. Riiiiiiiite, because New Jerseyians have never come to the Big Apple and acted the fool. [Huffington Post]

Crime: Yup, folks at the Pentagon look at child pornography on the company dime (too). [Sci Tech Bits]

Weird: Happy Monday! Nothing like the first images of a face transplant recipient to start the week off right. [WCBS]


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