TV: Hell mothereffin' yes, Sons of Anarchy Season 3 trailer! Chicks and motorcycles—get ready for the ride. [Warming Glow]

Movies: Old blackmail photos of Angelina Jolie to be published in Star. Black nipple tape (check), dog leash (check), and heroin (check). Funnest UN celebrity ambassador ever? [Huffington Post]

Business: Pfizer is set to sell a children's form of Viagra. Kiddie Viagra? OK, so it's to treat a lung disorder, but when we were 13, the last thing we needed was to be more horny. [NY Post]

Crime: Chris Tucker owes a cool 11 milli in taxes. Sounds like Jackie Chan should expect a phone call. [TMZ]

Movies: Multiple videos of Michael Bay blowing shit up in Chicago for Transformers 3. So T2 was racist, we're still gonna see T3. [The Movie Blog]