Movies: Entourage's Adrian Grenier signs on to co-produce a documentary called How to Make Money Selling Drugs, is promptly de-friended by Cam'ron on Facebook. [Variety]

Politics: Fox News' Glenn Beck is saying that the USDA official who was forced to resign this week after a Fox News smear campaign should be re-hired and promoted. Glenn Beck supporting a black person? In related news, the TSA has issued a "Code Pink" alert, indicating the high probability of airborne swine in the nation's skies. [AOL News]

TV: A local Fox reporter crushes a skateboarding youth on live TV! Fair and balanced, indeed. [Warming Glow]

Sex: A British man named Clive Worth claims he was kicked off Facebook after using it to seduce 1,500 women. We're assuming it was worth it. [Huffington Post]

Just Weird: A black couple in England has given birth to a white baby. Quick tip, dude: see how wifey reacts is when you say the name "Clive Worth." Just sayin'. [The Sun]