Tennessee has long been the "Hollywood" for aspiring country musicians. From Johnny Cash to T-Swift, any one who's ever been serious about their career started by traveling to the soul of the state, Nashville. Fittingly, the CMA Music Festival has been held there since 1972. With last weekend's line-up featuring artists from Kid Rock to Carrie Underwood, it's no surprise that 2010 turned out to be its biggest, most record-setting year yet.

Now we know you're asking, what in tarnation does Complex know about country music? The answer: not a cot-damned thing! It's all a (not-so-elaborate) scheme to talk about the fine state of Tennessee and its fine-ass women! There, we said it: Sometimes we make shit up! But before you surf over to the New York Times or Fox News or some other site with "journalistic principles," take a look at our collection of the 10 hottest women from Tennessee and see if you can forgive us.