Contrary to popular belief, Lindsay Lohan is as relevant as ever. She's a savvy social networker, a tabloid regular, and she's even down with the vampire craze. True, the hot redhead (or blonde or brunette or whatever it is these days) hasn't been flexing her acting muscles lately, but she sure has been speedy with her fingers! Because of her constant tweeting, we've been kept up-to-date with the ever-so-scandalous life of Lohan.

Lindsay's Twitter seems to have a buoying affect on her career; not only does she use it to prove she's not in jail, but her Twitpics populate gossip sites all by themselves. From her bikini-clad images to one with a gun in her mouth, her hipsterific album will actually have you drooling by the time you finish clicking through her hottest twitpics.