The 15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition of the classic '90s softcore porn flick/career-killer Showgirls drops today (just in time for Father's Day!), and while we'll examine the film's "visual aesthetic" at some other time (privately, of course), we're going to give its cultural impact a look. And no, we're not talking about the epic "I'm on my period"-"Yeah, right"-"Check" exchange—we're talking Elizabeth Berkley going from her wholesome Saved by the Bell stardom to having dudes put their hands down her pants to check for menstrual blood.

Berkley wasn't the first star to go from child's play to adult swim—in fact, it's more like a rite of passage for Hollywood teen stars. From Alyssa Milano to Drew Barrymore to Mena Suvari, check our exhaustively researched guide to Good-Girl Child Stars Gone Bad.