At first we were amped to hear that Drake was going to be voicing a character in next spring's Gears of War 3, but then Gears developer Epic Games—led by the ever-soundbitey Cliff Bleszinski—hit us with the daily double news that Ice-T would be joining him. The Ice-T part had already kinda been leaked by the ponytailed O.G. himself, then retracted, so the fact that it's official makes GoW 3 the most rapper-friendly non-rap title, like, ever. And by non-rap title, we mean shit that isn't a) Def Jam Vendetta, b) 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, or c) Havoc and Prodigy Fuck Around in Smurfland. Okay, so maybe that last one isn't real, but the fact remains that as people who love both rap and video games, we're amped to finally see rappers get video-game work in some real shit. So amped, in fact, that we had to cook up some more potential game projects for some of our favorite MCs. Developers, if you're reading this: you're welcome. You're aaaallllll welcome!