When Lost Planet 2 dropped a couple of weeks ago, everyone was excited that they would be shooting down bad guys as Marcus Fenix. And it wasn't just him; fans had their choice of playable characters from Resident Evil, Dead Rising, and Monster Hunter—and the Helghast of Killzone were added to the game as a PS3 exclusive. We could be cynical and write this off as a sales tactic to drum up interest in the game, but we're going to stay positive and say that Capcom did it for the fans. Besides, developers have always added cameos to their games as secret characters, trophies, background objects, or easter eggs. Even fans have taken it into their own hands, like Jay Pavlina's Super Mario Crossover flash game that allows you to play as Samus, Link, Mega Man, and others. The honest truth is that games are just better with crossovers (word to Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart...and EPMD). Which is why we pulled together our favorites. What, are you surprised? This is what we DO.