TITLE: Super Mario Galaxy 2
FUN FACT: The first Super Mario Galaxy sold 8.8 million copies. That's....well, that's an assload of galaxies the original Jumpman ground-pounded his way through.
WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: Because there's no Nintendo party like a first-party developer party. The Wii's greatest triumphs are when Ninty itself is in charge—see 2007's Super Mario Galaxy and 2006's Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess if you need proof of that. Both of the Japanese company's iconic franchises are getting their next installments this year, and Mario happened to get the jump on Link this time around. The galaxies may be different, but the mustachioed one is the same, and the game is as rapturously fun as the original. Just a huge technicolor not-broke-so-fuck-fixing-it Big Gulp of awesome.