The Marioverse, for the most part, has already been fully defined. You've got your pastoral worlds, your space worlds, your lava, your water, your ice, your beach, your flipswitches, etc. If it wasn't around in the pre-3D days, than Mario 64 and SMG brought it into being. So the fact that this one manages to bring something new to the table at all is a testament to the power of Nintendo's institutional imagination. This time around, the power-ups—along with the usual suspects like the bee suit, the, and the sometimes-infuriating spring suit—include a drill suit that allows Mario to drill through small surfaces (or planets!) and come out the other side, a cloud suit that lets him form floating cloud platforms, and a rock suit that lets him ball up and roll through obstacles. Oh, and Yoshi's here! Which isn't innovative per se, but at least gives you a companion who can eat pretty much anything, word to Joey Chestnut (including a chili pepper that drives him up walls).