With Android handsets outselling the iPhone for the first time, and a new TV and streaming-media initiative, everyone thinks Google is poised to topple Microsoft and Apple. Well, everyone except for Steve Jobs. Apple's big bawse had three words for the naysayers: "Not a chance." We'll see what that means come June 7th, when the homie in the black turtleneck delivers the keynote at the Mac Developer's Conference and shows us the iPhone 4G. Again. [Mashable]

Hell yeah! HP is ditching Windows for WebOS for its phones and tablets. Somewhere, Steve Ballmer is foaming at the mouth. [Digitimes]

If you enjoyed the Apple "Get A Mac" commercials, we're sorry to tell you that the party is over. Join Justin Long in reminiscing with this tribute montage. [Techland]

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's privacy concerns: Our bad, we didn't think you'd care. [Washington Post]

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