There's a saying in baseball that on any given night you're liable to see something that's never happened in the sport's 125 (plus) year existence. Last night fans at the Phillies-Cardinals game were treated to just such a groundbreaking occurrence. Late in the game a lone fan rushed the field, and while there's nothing new to fans taking the field for a little t-shirt twirling fun, what was new last night was the method stadium security used to subdue the interloper.

Frustrated in their efforts to tackle the speedy 17-year-old, security tased him. After 30 seconds of eluding the cops (just enough time for quick-thinking spectators to get YouTube-worthy footage), the young bro got a mouthful of Citizen's Bank Park outfield grass in what's been called the first use of a taser to take down an unruly fan. Which of course got us to thinking about The Greatest Moments in Taser History.