Slim Says: Jesse so mufuckin' crazy, he might just go off and tell Walt, "Yeah, I did it," 'cause he think he a lil' tough mufucka. He gon' do somethin' dumb. He gon' fuck around and get fucked off by Gus, he keep bullshittin'. I think Gus'll get rid of Jesse. I think he thinks Walt can do it by himself. I think he might let Walt make it, 'cause he kinda need Walt, whereas Jesse, he feel like he don't need Jesse. And if Jesse's boys fuck around and get caught, I think them mufuckas gon' get to talkin'. They got habits. If them mufuckas get caught and facin' some jail time, they'll give everything up, everything that they know. I don't trust them mufuckas at all.