Whenever people talk about video game samples in rap, it's always the same old shit. "Ohhhh, Eminem was on a track that flipped Soul Calibur!" "Cam used Final Fantasy VII!" "I came in my pants when Lil' Flip flipped the Ms. Pac-Man shit!" That's all well and good, but we don't really care. We mean, we do care, but if we see one more roundup of these songs and, like, Smif-N-Wessun's "Supa Brooklyn" (which is dope), we're gonna chuck our controller through the TV. Which is why we decided to update that tired-ass canon with a look at the new dudes, the young cats, the freshmen, whose love for old-school games makes perfect sense. Why not sample the joints that burned themselves into your brain when you were a wee lad? All we gotta say is, some of these can be considered a super smash, brothers! SUPER SMASH BROTHERS AH JEEZ WE JUST BUSTED A GUT.