SPORTS: NBA PLAYOFFS Finally, the games count! (Sorry Knicks fans.) We'll watch all weekend, but if you only catch two, make 'em Heat @ Celtics (8 pm SATURDAY, ESPN) and Kevin Durant's playoff debut, Thunder @ Lakers (3 pm SUNDAY, ABC).

DRAMA:TREME: MEET DE BOYS ON THE BATTLEFRONT, 10 SUNDAY, HBO Steve Zahn is annoying, but everything else about this New Orleans set piece from Wire creator David Simon is on point. Grown folks television.

MOVIE:SWORDFISH, 11:45 PM SUNDAY, HBO Yes, this is a pretty "meh" movie, and yes, Halle Berry goes topless, so, yes, you'll watch (again).

REALITY:HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE, 10 SUNDAY, TLC You've got to go back to work the next day, but watching truly demented old ladies who can't throw anything away should make you feel a little better.