If you've ever checked out Modern Warfare 2 gameplay videos on YouTube, then you've no doubt heard of this guy. He's been posting videos since the game dropped in November, but he really caught some shine in January when he edited a montage of himself running around multiplayer maps fucking up kids who were trying to cheat their way to killstreak rewards. He's also one of the funnier dudes out there making videos, thanks to his penchant for Metallica and his love of Duke Nukem sound effects. Fuck a Rocky theme—if you ever want to amp yourself up for a job interview, just head to his YouTube channel, where more than 40,000 subscribers tune in for his FPS domination (yes, domination: homie's got a 3.50 kill/death ratio, and his win/loss is 14.90!).

Since he's come to prominence, MW2 fans want to know who he is... which means, of course, that we had to track him down. We won't tell you his name (he's a private guy), but we will give you an exclusive interview with the man behind the crosshairs. Read on for his gaming background, his M.O., and a look at his own Top 5 videos—and you never know, if you post questions for him in the comments thread, we might just bring him back...

Gamertag: Sandy Ravage (né Akimbo Slice)

Real Name: [Redacted]

Age: 23

Hometown: Staten Island, New York

His Earliest Video Game Memory: "Playing Super Mario Bros. for the NES. I couldn't have been more than 2."

His Favorite Game Ever: "This is a tough one, since I have so many favorites. I'd have to choose Super Mario Bros. 3. It's a game that I enjoyed as a kid and can still pick up today and have fun with. Goldeneye is definitely up there, though."

On Getting Into Multiplayer: "My first multiplayer experience was Duke Nukem 3D. I guess it was cutting-edge at the time, but I had to dial into my friend's modem just to connect to him. Starsiege Tribes was what really got me hooked on multiplayer games—I also used to play Counterstrike quite a bit back in the day. World of Warcraft definitely consumed the most time compared to the other games, though."

On the Birth of Sandy Ravage: "A few years ago I was driving with my friend in the car blasting Randy Savage's Macho Man CD. Obviously, we were getting looks from just about everyone on the road. At some point, the name 'Sandy Ravage' was said... and it's stuck ever since."

On Putting His Videos Together: "For full game play matches, it's pretty easy since I can just add the effects, then render it. It takes about an hour total. Videos like the 'Booster Justice' series take quite a bit more time—you gotta find each small clip from every video, then put them all together and make sure it flows smoothly. It's also important to choose fitting music when dealing with montages. Each video takes about 3-4 hours to make. I'd like to think I've gotten better at video editing since then, but I still have no clue how to do it. A lot of people take the video commentaries on my channel seriously—I have my friends do a lot of the commentaries—but in reality they're parodies of those guys that take the game too seriously. I'm very competitive by nature, but I rarely get on my teammates if we are losing."

On His Popularity: "I never had a goal, but I definitely didn't think I'd get over 1,000 subscribers. My friend list [on Xbox Live] isn't at capacity since I only accept friend requests of people I know in real life—but the "friend request pending" list reached the limit probably about a week after the game came out."

On The Other Booster Vigilantes He's Spawned: "The more the better, I think. I don't understand how some people can play and just ignore the people cheating in the corner. It blows my mind."

On The Timesink That Is MW2: "I'm in grad school; before the semester started, I was playing about 15 hours a week. Since then, probably 4-5 hours a week. I don't play any other games at the moment; I tend to only buy games that I'll play for a while before moving on. I may give Battlefield BC 2 a chance, though."


"Booster Justice"


"Booster Justice 2"


"Rusher Vs Campers"


"How'd You Get That Nuke Icon?"