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This week, the house that Republican National Committee chief Michael Steele built got exposed for conducting business while asking sex club dancers, "How low can you go?" In terms of hypocrisy, the RNC hit rock bottom. While not as commonly prevalent, politicians and strippers do have occasional partnerships that are often much less bang for the buck. So to give the current episode some historical context, here's a history of a few strippers who did serious damage to pols...

Louisiana governor Earl Long, 1950
• To date, Earl Long is the only politician whose strip club affair hit the big screen (as seen in the 1989 movie Blaze. The legend began after the Louisiana governor hooked up with burlesque dancer Blaze Starr at the Sho-Bar on Bourbon Street. His wife retaliated by having him committed to an insane asylum, but Long continued his political maneuvering via phone from his mental hospital. He eventually fired the hospital staff, gained release, and was elected to Congress before dying in 1960. His mistress not only went on to star in her own Hollywood biopic, but received $50,000 in Long's will—a stripper come-up of epic proportions.


Congressman Wilbur Mills, 1974
• During disco's golden era, 65-year-old Wilbur Mills was repeatedly making it pour in D.C.'s strip joints. One lap dance led to another and the married congressman fell in love with a stripper. His relationship with the dancer, Annabelle "Fanne Foxe" Battistella, was drunken-stupor abusive. When police stopped the couple one night, they found Mills bleeding with his glasses broken after a fight. He survived the initial public fallout, was re-elected, but then sunk deeper into alcoholism until he checked into AA and quit politics. As for disco, it checked itself into rehab and quit music.


Democratic Party Chairman John Irish, 2007
• When the Lucas County Democratic Party in Toledo, Ohio threw a fundraiser, they figured traditional golfing wasn't exciting enough. Chairman John Irish decided to heat things up by hiring local strippers to hand out drinks, and uh...expose themselves. Several wardrobe malfunctions later, the cat was out of the bag. Obviously worried of political repercussions, the party forced Irish to resign. *Insert Tiger Woods joke here*.


South Carolina asst. attorney general Roland Corning
• Mark Sanford wasn't the only South Carolina Republican to catch an adultery charge in '09. The state's 66-year-old assistant attorney general was parked by a graveyard about to engage in a "Barely Legal" episode, when police ran up. The former legislator had sex toys, Viagra and an 18-year-old stripper from the Platinum Plus Gentleman's Club in his SUV. Corning was terminated the same day but his platinum porno membership was likely renewed indefinitely.


Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, 2010
• Detroit's former Mayor had his share of extra-marital exploits. Although he was ultimately brought down after bagging his chief of staff, Kilpatrick was recently forced to testify in a civil suit involving the 2003 death of stripper Tamara "Strawberry" Greene. Prosecutors claim that in 2002, Greene performed at one of Kilpatrick's parties and that the Mayor was later involved in covering up her death. Even more bizarre than the accusations is this clip from Detroit's local news, which promotes a rap song that "exposes the truth."


RNC chairman Michael Steele, 2010
• Publicly, the RNC bashes lesbians; privately, they're always up for some girl-on-girl action. When reports surfaced that Michael Steele had authorized a $1,900 bondage club expedition, it added a new chapter in his string of embarrassing moments. There's no word yet whether or not he'll resign from the stripper fallout, but all of his remaining credibility has clearly been stripped.


Bonus: Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer, 1980
• Even though the woman Springer paid with a check wasn't a stripper but a full-blown prostitute, this apology clip is too classic to overlook. Jerry!! Jerry!!