Damn it! Just as we were all set to propagate some unsubstantiated rumors about the forthcoming Modern Warfare 2 map pack—specifically, that there was a map called Complex and we were going to demand having images of our issues programmed in—Infinity Ward had to come along and ruin our fun. IW's community manager Robert Bowling, aka "the only way to find out anything about Infinity Ward especially since people got fired," went on Major Nelson's podcast this morning to talk about the "cure for mapathy" that the company started touting heavy last week.

Here's what now know: It'll be 1200 Microsoft points ($14.99, because that extra penny is what makes it a "must-buy" for you!). It'll be out March 30, which we already knew. Two of them are favorite maps from Call of Duty 4. Oh, and we've got names, descriptions, and some journalistically questionable screenshots that we shamelessly grabbed from the intertubes ALLEGEDLY depict the various levels. Check it all after the jump....


Infinity Ward Says: "Bailout's one of my favorites. It takes place in this overrun apartment complex, it has really long sightlines, and it's a wide map, so it has a lot of great flanking routes. This is a a modern-day apartment complex, so it's very familiar to a lot of people—it's one of those places that when you visit them in real life, it's one of those feelings like, 'man, i wonder what it's like to have a firefight here.' [Ed.—uh, what?!] And now they're gonna be able to. You're cuttin' through blown-out apartment buildings, you're looking over these parking lots and these courtyards that connect it all. It's just a really cool map with really intense team games."



Infinity Ward Says: "Everybody loves Crash, it's my personal all-time favorite map. It has the downed helicopter. It's an urban map, so it's smaller, it's super fast-paced, but it's also great for team games. I think Crash is one of our greatest maps in the franchise, really—it's one of those maps that just works well with any game type that you're playing on there."



Infinity Ward Says: "We had it in the beta for COD4, it was one of the most popular COD4 maps, it's back. It's wide open, if you're not familiar with it. It's great for snipers—perfect for Ghillie suits, but it also has some great buildings that oyu can get up in and shoot from and fight through, especailly when you're playing objective gametypes, it's good. What I love about bringing these two maps back—especially Crash—is I've been waiting over two years to play Capture the Flag on Crash, and the first time I got to do it was just awesome."



Infinity Ward Says: "It's a snowy map, so it's this old abandoned junkyard, so you have all these piled up trashed vehicles that you can use for cover, some warehouses, a lot of debris, and it's like this snowy terrain. it's really fast-paced action, it's one of the smaller maps ion the map pack, so it's really great for Free-For-All, smaller team games like that...Salvage is all about the skill player, the player who wants to run and gun, get out there and fight—not the player who wants to sit in corners and stuff. You don't have a lot of places to hide; you're in the fight, or you're just about to get into the fight in this map. There's no room for hiding it out with your heartbeat sensor in this one."



Infinity Ward Says: "Storm is one that has some weather effects—it's in the middle of a rainy downpour, and intense thunderstorm that's rolling in. it has all these abandoned warehouses that have been turned into makeshift outposts for these military units, so you're fighting through this area. it's really good for a little bit larger team battles, some objective game types. you're playing Domination on there, Hardcorde HQ."