Welcome to Mobile Check-In, where every week we bring you the latest and greatest in mobile gaming. Last week we kicked things off with a rundown of best new games for the iPhone; this week, it's spotlight time for Google's Android operating system.

For those of you unfamiliar with Android, it's Google's mobile OS that has been adopted by a phone manufactures like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. For those of you who already have an Android-powered phone, you know that its game selection is still relatively meager when compared to the iPhone's. No worries, though, it's looking like March is going to be filled with new releases. In the meantime, peep our list of the five games you should be playing, all of which are available now from the Android Market.


TITLE: Jewellust
GENRE: Matching Puzzle
PRICE: $2.95 (Jewellust Lite is available for Free)
COMPLEX SAYS: Jewellust is pretty much your typical "match the colors" game. It differs from the more popular Bejeweled, though, in look and structure. Also, it may have the most pause-worthy title of all Android games. Word of advice: Try not to advertise that you're playing a game that involves lusting after jewels.


GENRE: Action
PRICE: $2.40
COMPLEX SAYS: We're not going to call Buka a weird sexual euphemism or anything, but it's about a girl who can't get to her happy place because she's in this dark world surrounded by asteroids that want to smash her. The way to fight back is by tapping her (how fast you tap her depends on how many enemies there are), which releases a shock wave. Just play Buka, k? It's a sticky experience.


TITLE: Robo Defense
GENRE: Adventure
PRICE: $2.99 (A free one-level preview version is available)
COMPLEX SAYS: Ah, tower defense games. We're fans of Robo Defense because 1) we like to blow shit up! 2) it's a great way to kill time while we wait for your girl to explain to you that she's staying the night at her friend's house. Seriously though, as one of the best games for Android (if not the best), it's an easy play and well worth the three bucks.



TITLE: Abduction: World Attack
GENRE: Action
PRICE: $2.20
COMPLEX SAYS: You like Papi Jump?! You like Doodle Jump?! Well, you'll love Abduction: World Attack! For starters, unlike the two aforementioned games, this one actually has a point: You play as cow who jumps on chunks of land (that have been pulled up by an alien tractor beam) to save your abducted herd and destroy the UFO. Five words: M. Knight Shyamalan film adaptation. Dreamworks, get on this!



TITLE: Light Racer
GENRE: Racing
PRICE: FREE (Light Racer 3D is $2.49)
COMPLEX SAYS: If you're a fan ofTron or Snake, then this game is for you. Almost a complete Tron rip-off, Light Racer is a fight to the end, literally. Race your homie, then cut him off and watch his demise in a grisly crash! That'll teach him to recommend getting an Android phone for gaming! We kid, we kid!