While presenting the award for "Best Film Editing" at the Academy Awards this year, African-American auteur Tyler Perry joked that it would be the only time he’ll hear his name at the Oscars. It seems the Academy doesn't appreciate the genius of a black man dressed up as an old black woman. But perhaps they will be made to.

After marinating on the importance of mainstream acceptance, Perry has announced that his next five films will be tailor-made Oscar bait. By tackling everything from war and child abuse dramas to big-budget CGI sci-fi, he figures even the most narrow-minded, narrow-ass white folks won't be able to deny him. Of course, Perry doesn't want to abandon the predominantly black audience that loves sassy Madea, so he's written his surefire scripts with her in mind.

We're some hating-ass haters here, but after looking the projects over, we must admit: They give us an Oscar buzz. Check out Tyler Perry's five Oscar bait films for yourself and try to deny...

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