Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, Alexander Ovechkin. Each of these athletes represent the pinnacle of their respective games. When it comes to video games--Street Fighter to be exact--there is none higher than Daigo Umehara. Hand him a controller, press "start" and he's untouchable. He's a the proverbial Godzilla of this ish. It's no surprise then that during his ascension, he picked up the nickname "The Beast". 'Cause, well, he is. Over the years a number of American Street Fighter players have lined up over the years to play him. Most of them leaving with their egos hurt and fingers sore from trying to combat dudes unbelievable combos. To celebrate the release of Street Fighter IV this week, we've compiled his greatest matches with our best homegrown talent. Peep game and respect his technique. Maybe you'll learn something.