The remake of the uber-classic horror flick A Nightmare on Elm Street drops today, and you don't have to be the sharpest blade on the glove to know that we'll be checking it out this weekend. (Also checked out this weekend? Our truck driver uncle Leroy's speed stash so we can stay up for the next five weeks or so and not dream--you know, just in case). Yes, we're Freddy Krueger fans. Seriously, what bloodthirsty film buff doesn't love the classic American tale of a child murderer who comes back to haunt the dreams of the children of the vigilante mob that killed him?

In honor of Freddy's return to the big screen, we've painstakingly documented each of the 34 kills he's made in each of the Elm Street movies (sorry, no Freddy vs. Jason--we do have standards after all, plus Freddy didn't kill in FVJ, jerkies!), and charted them by location, method, motive, gender, and the form Freddy takes to kill (plus analysis of his "kill lines" and the series' "rules"). It's your dream nightmare come true!

Research by Robert Ziegler