More than likely, you'll find yourself having a hypoglycemic hunger craze after leaving Coachella for the day. In order to avoid complete heat exhaustion, maybe it's best you take a moment and sit down for a nice meal at one of these eateries. Don't worry, if you're picky, we probably have a spot for you too. So scroll down for a guide of where to chow down in Palm Springs...


Copley's Palm Springs 
621 N. Palm Canyon Drive
(760) 327-9555
• The cozy neighborhood spot was formerly Hollywood icon Cary Grant's estate. So, if award-winning chef Andrew Copley's fine cuisine isn't enough incentive, come for the location's rich history.


Shanghai's Red Oyster Bar
235 S. Indian Canyon Drive
(760) 322-9293

• Located on the outskirts of the Fisherman's Market & Grill in Downtown Palm Springs, this little seafood bar is home to the freshest fish tacos and oyster shooters. Plus, it's the perfect place to catch a game or even more live music if Coachella wasn't enough for you.


Native Foods
1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive

• Of course, there has to be a vegan place in the middle of the ever-spiritual desert. And given the guaranteed influx of hipsters at the festival, this highly-rated restaurant will be the tasty alternative for all animal and even non-animal lovers.


The Cowboy Way
317 N. Indian Canyon Drive
(760) 322-0265

• If you're not feeling the earthy, vegan vibe, here's a hole-in-wall BBQ heaven guaranteed to satisfy you. Sure, the outside looks a bit grizzly, but people say it mirrors the DGAF attitude of the meat-lovers who frequent it anyway.


Las Casuelas Terraza
222 S. Palm Canyon Drive
(760) 325-3213

• With Palm Springs being this close to the border, authentic Mexican food is guaranteed. Add that to some signature margaritas, a live band, and some salsa dancing, and your evening is as golden as your tequila.


Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro
155 S. Palm Canyon Drive
(760) 778-6000

• Sure they may not be New York or Chicago pies, but something tells us this place is worth checking if even California residents miles from Palm Springs trek all the way out to the bistro for their food.


Palm Springs Koffi
515 N. Palm Canyon Drive
(760) 416-2244

• Before you drive the 26 miles from your Palm Springs hotel to Coachella, skip the Starbucks and pick up your cup of bold roast coffee here. With the long day ahead of you, Koffi's strong blends will most definitely keep you awake despite the tiring desert heat.


Le Vallauris
385 W. Tahquitz Canyon Way
(760) 325-5059

• If you're looking to impress, this French restaurant is as classy as they come in the desert. So, at least for one night, go back to your hotel, wash off the sun and the sweat, and take your girl out to this highly-recommended outdoor restaurant to show her you're not completely incompetent.


In-N-Out Burger
Various Locations

• The left coast legend has the freshest burgers, thickest shakes, and tastiest animal-style fries. Non-west coasters even stop by the joint just to say they've been there.