We probably don't have to tell you, but this Saturday Apple is dropping their latest mash up of technological innovation and lust inducing design, the iPad. We wouldn't be surprised if you were reading this on your iPhone while camping out on line at your local Apple Store to be one of the first people to cop. Shit, we'd be there too if we didn't have a life to live. In anticipation of its release, developers have been talking about the apps they're creating. We've seen a bunch of iPhone apps being ported over and a couple new ones that take advantage of the iPads features. We picked our three favorite upcoming iPad apps, check 'em out below.



• What's the best part of using an Apple product? The intuitive software? Nah. The awesome industrial design? Nope. The best part of using an Apple product is people get to see you using an Apple product! With the iMirror, you now don't need people to admire your taste in gadgets—you can admire your own damn self! And, as illustrated in the product photo, you can use it to do other mirrorly things, like shaving, or taking Twitter pics with your hired jump offs. We see a Bobby Valentino product endorsement coming soon.



George Foreman App
• Anyone who's used an Apple laptop knows they have a tendency to overheat like a sidewalk in the summertime. George Foreman knows all about it. Branching out into the app business, the former world champion is coming out with a George Forman Grill app. No stove in your dorm? No problem! Launch the app and four burners will appear allowing you to fry or cook whatever you want! We recommend using this one on a counter top so you're not frying your nuts while you're frying eggs.



• It seems will.i.am's appearance on CNN during the last presidential election wasn't a fluke. Launching when the iPad goes on sale, the B.E.P. frontman's (or the black Bono as we call him) first app has him appearing in 3D to read you the daily headline news. Able to aggregate news from over 100 sources, will.i.speaks keeps you update on everything you need to know. All other news apps are so 2000 and late!