urbanears_plattan_openerWHAT: urbanears Plattan Headphones

PRICE: $60 from karmaloop.com

FUN FACT: Norra Norr, the people behind urbanears, also made headphones for WESC.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING: We're always on the hunt for dope headphones. Mainly because we always wind up losing or breaking the ones we have. We showed you a sick pair of in-ear headphones that sounded as good as they were expensive. But we know most of you aren't trying to drop serious paper on headphones just to listen to your iPod. For that we bring you these: the urbanear Plattan. We already gave props to their little brother, the Tanto, but it's their full, over-the-ear model that we like the most. They come in all the same colors as the Tanto, sound just as good, if not better, thanks to the better sound isolation that the ear cups provide, and come with a cool not found on any other urbanear models...

• They're made out of durable materials that are soft to the touch. The headband and cord use some sort of braided cloth that will ensure that neither will tear, unless you take a switchblade to it yourself.
• Low key logos.
• The maintain a lightweight despite the high grade materials. So you can carry 'em around without any noticeable added weight. Rocking them around your neck for long trips won't leave your neck sore (pause?).
• Making them even more portable, the ear cups fold up into the headband, allowing them to fit into jacket pockets and tight spaces in suitcases or backpacks.
• Good bass reproduction.
• The ear cups are comfortable and help keep outside noises from coming between you and your music. They're not quite noise canceling or or sound isolating, but they help a lot when riding on a subway or bus.
• When using with an iPhone or BlackBerry, you can pause your song and take a call without taking off the headphones using the switch and mic on the cord.
• If you're traveling with a friend and the two of you want to listen to the same song or watch something on the same iPod, your friend can plug their headphones into the 3.5" jack built into the right headphone cup.
• They come in every color imaginable. There's no way you won't be able to find one that suits you.


• Sound becomes less clear and muffled at high volume.
• Depending on the color you get, they attract dirt very easily.