Steven Seagal kicks ass. We don't just mean on screen, where the 7th-degree aikido black belt with the ponytail and squint has given us classics like Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Under Siege, and even the laughably racist Marked for Death. We mean in real life, too, where for the past 20 years Seagal (who appears in the "Talking Heads" feature in the April/May issue of Complex with Olivia Munn and The Gorillaz on the covers) has patrolled the streets of Louisiana as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office without publicizing it (we certainly would've been drunk-hunting Mardi Gras photo ops with him had we known).

A&E's awesome series Steven Seagal Lawman exposes the law enforcement side of the movie star's life, and if you don't derive some pleasure from seeing him bust a dude for weed possession, you deserve to have your arm snapped. Obviously it's funny to see drunk and stoned people recognize the action star as he's cuffing them, but even if you walk around screaming, "FUCK THA POLICE!" you have to admire Seagal's marksmanship and martial artistry as he teaches officers how to shoot straighter and subdue criminals with their bare hands. Plus you can't beat watching the Zen ponytailed one do non-police work, like visiting sick kids or making music with the Steven Seagal Blues Band. In addition to 13 episodes of Steven Seagal Lawman, the two-disc DVD set includes 13 deleted scenes, and basically, if you aren't watching, you're banging your own head into a wall. Keep reading to see the Buy It Now link and watch clips...

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