Today marks the official beginning (last night's Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party doesn't really count) of the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, aka "The Only Place Your Weird Cousin Would Rather Go Than Hedonism." The annual event is possibly the most significant gaming get-together in the U.S.—every developer worth their chips is there, and this year's includes addresses from Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamato (yes, there's a Yoshi who works at the Home of Mario) and Civilization O.G. Sid Meier. It's paradise for gamers, so you know we had to be there: Our dude Nick Marroni, esteemed freelancer and official Friend of Complex, will be out there all week, tweeting what he sees and summing up his thoughts each day. Until then, though, we'll let Nick entice you...

"From today through Saturday, I'll be leaving the comfy bosom of suburban Detroit behind to brave the wilds of San Francisco and partake in the annual game developer pilgrimage that is GDC (or, Game Developers Conference, to the likes of youse) and cover it for Complex. For the next week, I'll be doing that whole GDC thing, which is to meet, greet, and listen to every cool, interesting game maker in the world (i.e., the folks behind everything from World of Goo and Flower to Metroid and Mass Effect—maybe even with a dash of FarmVille thrown in to keep things family friendly, family)... and then drink with them."

So there you have it! You can follow Nick here, or just check back later. And in the meantime, whet your GDC appetite with this ad.


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