It's March Madness, and whether you're a basketball fan or just a racist, there's plenty to get excited about this year—not the least of which is getting to go to Indianapolis. No, for real. People love to sleep on the place (which is how it originally got its nickname "Naptown"), but if you're willing to look past the sportswriters' lament, there's more to it than meets the I. Whatever that means. Dunno, it sounded clever. But you're not gonna see much if you don't have a place to bunk down, so first check in with the best places to stay in Indianapolis...


The Conrad
50 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 713-5000

The Conrad is the swankiest hotel in Nap, but that doesn't mean Jamal Tinsley couldn't get shot at out front! No, for real, the Conrad feels like it was flown in from a coastal city just to change peoples' minds about the place. Despite Conrad Hotels' Hilton affiliation, their rooms feel more boutique than chain, appointed with everything from huge windows to marble floors to dual-head showers (wink, wink) Spa? Check. Pool? Check. Wine bar for the grown-and-sexy nightcap? Check, please!



Omni Severin
40 West Jackson Place
Indianapolis, IN 46225
(317) 634-6664

Smack dab in the middle of downtown (where it connects to Circle Centre Mall and the convention center), the Severin boasts four diamonds, which isn't so great if you're a rapper but is pretty fucking good if you're a hotel. So the restaurant is named Hot Tuna. So what? It's still good. And if the name is that much of a hurdle, then there's a Ruth's Chris right next door. Look closelyand you might see Tyler Hansbrough weeping into his tenderloin and Peyton Manning endorsing everything that walks.



Villa Inn
1456 N Delaware St
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 916-8500

It's technically a bed and breakfast (and good-ass dinner), so if you're taking your lady, this is the all-in-one spot. It gets you away from the downtown and forgoes cool for opulence—and the fact that you feel like you're staying in a castle doesn't hurt either. Order a massage up to your room, and then just front like you're George Clooney and you do this all the time. No one ever said you have to be at LucasOil Stadium to ball out, baby!