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We just got back from the Magic tradeshow in Las Vegas. Oye, what a shitshow. After washing all of that coco butter and stripper perfume off of our clothes, though, we came with a few takeaways from the City of Sin: always bet on 31 and 14, and the Hard Rock Hotel is still the spot to party down. The ol' HRH just went through a bunch of renovations, and it's primed to be the hot spot as the new season starts popping off with the spring weather.

If you're in the industry of hype slingers and those who blog about it, there's a chance that you were at Complex's opening party for the tradeshows at Vanity nightclub. It was a rager for sure, and Holly Madison was there, boobs G-Shock and all. If you missed it, check the pictures, and then hit the jump for full information on this awesome new venue in the little city that could.


The Entrance
• Vanity is a nightclub, which means there's a good chance you'll be waiting in line. It's one thing to wait on them when you're stone sober, but the upside of Las Vegas is that there are bars everywhere. Stop here, a sweet little round bar in the new tower just beyond Vanity's entrance, to grab a roadie before you hit the bouncer patrol at the club door. The drinks are reasonably priced, and you might even want to get some gambling in before you head inside.



• The main dance floor is a light show in itself, with columns that reach up to a ceiling that is blinking, flashing, and gets the dancing going. Well, the lights or the Patron, one of the two. If table service is within your budget, make sure to get a banquet facing the dancefloor, an added bonus once the club starts rocking.



• Vanity went off for us, and we hear it does similarly multiple times per week. Big parties right now go down on Sundays, but keep an ear to the streets, because since it's a new club, there are different events popping off almost every night. The above image was taken from our G-Shock/S.L.A.T.E. event during Magic, and as you can see there were some characters wildin'.



...And Ladies
• Vanity has the ladies, Patron is usually an in with this type, and the new tower suites are worth looking into. Just sayin'. As Vegas clubs go, Vanity is up there, and the fact that it's within the walls of the ultimate party hotel only helps its case.


Images by Mikey McNulty

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