Skinny girls are cool, but here at Complex, we've got love for women of all shapes and sizes. After all, what's better than getting enveloped by a silky sea of woman flesh? (Seriously, don't knock it till you try it.) That's why we were excited to hear about the new plus-sized dating show called More To Love, which premieres tonight on Fox. Big girls need love too!

Yeah, we spend a lot of time talking about women on the website, so we figured it was high time we finally show some love to the thickness that too often gets ignored. Some of 'em have extra curves, some of them have massive muscles, but they're all women we'd love to get down with, despite having bodies that lie outside of society's "norm." Read on below for our countdown of 10 Big Girls We'd Gladly Get Crushed By—word to Christopher Rios...


#10: Whitney Thompson
The winner of 2008's season of America's Next Top Model broke down barriers, bringing a new level mainstream exposure to plus-sized models. We're hoping Tyra goes even further next season by requiring all the skinny chicks to bulk up by going on a Hungry Man diet.

#9: Serena Williams
Common's "friend" is not only one of the best to ever pick up a tennis racquet, she's also hands-down the thickest grand slam champion of all time. Bow down.

#8: Sara Ramirez
If Grey's Anatomy wasn't such an obnoxiously unwatchable show, you would probably know about this sexy Mexican-American actress, who plays a big-boned, bisexual doctor. That's 3 for 3.

#7: Raven Symone
This former child star has that Cosby money and that Disney money sitting in the bank, so you already know we would wife her in a heartbeat (male gold diggers, unite!). All that thickness is just an added bonus!

#6: Gina Carano
Sure, this hard-body UFC fighter is pretty slim compared to the other women on this list, but we'd still gladly get dominated by her brute strength and tree-trunk legs, preferably up against a wall like Chris Rock in CB4.

#5: Pinky/Gianna Michaels (TIE)
In the age of silicone and butt implants, thank god we have these two naturally curvaceous porn stars to show us what a real woman looks like, from the front and back.

#4: Justine Legault
She's relatively new to the game, but we'd still take a trip up north to get a piece of this stunning Canadian model.

#3: Toccara Jones
This hilarious cover girl has been everywhere since competing in America's Next Top Model back in 2004. Everywhere except our bathtub, unfortunately.

#2: Jennifer Hudson
With her Academy Award-winning talent, mouth-watering chocolate curves and gorgeous face, we're willing to overlook the fact that J-Hud is engaged to this loser.

#1: Crystal Renn
Like the Jay-Z of the plus-sized model game, Crystal towers above her big-boneded peers with a level of success not seen since pioneering model Emme broke down barriers in the early '90s. She's appeared on four different international Vogue covers and done runway work for designers like Heatherette and Jean-Paul Gaultier, all while also cashing checks from plus-size gigs like Lane Bryant. The biggest of both worlds!

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