whizkey_front_625 WHAT: LaCie WhizKey USB Flash Drive

COMPARE TO: Sony MicroVault, SanDisk Extreme Contour, Kingston DataTraveler 101

PRICE: $29 (8 GB)

FUN FACT: The LaCie Cirrus Drive was the first external hard drive to win an industrial design award.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: Think about how many USB flash drives you get on the day-to-day, then think about how many of those are still in working order. We're gonna hedge a bet that the number is way less than half. Most USB flash drives are made from cheap plastic that causes them to break under normal, everyday use: throwing them on your desk, dropping them on the floor—sometimes just opening and closing the latch on one is enough to break it. Not the LaCie WhizKey. Made from high-strength steel, with a scratch and water resistant connector, the WhizKey is the coolest and most durable USB drive we've come across. Not only that, thanks to it's low profile, key shape, it blends right in to your keys, unlike other flash drives that stand out like Taylor Swift and the Soul Train awards. Check below for more photo's and Buy It Now info...

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