Some people just belong behind bars. According to Bronson, the somewhat true story of notoriously violent, fame-seeking British prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson (portrayed with wild-eyed menace by Tom Hardy), he's one of them. Peterson, who later renamed himself "Charles Bronson" after the action star, is a rather unremarkable man until he robs a post office. In prison, he becomes a star for regularly fighting prison guards, inciting riots, and spending much of his time in solitary confinement or the nuthouse.

In the vein of Chopper, Eric Bana's film about Aussie crime celeb Mark "Chopper" Read, it's a disturbing yet delightful glimpse into a rather mad man's mind. Extras include "Charles Bronson Monologues", interviews with director Nicolas Winding Refn and actors Hardy and Matt King, a making-of documentary, behind-the-scenes footage, and, for those whose primary concern is Hardy's swollen musculature, a video on his training (pause before, during, and after watching). Keep reading to see the Buy It Now link and watch the trailer...

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