Complex film critic Ayo! Scott can't be bothered with screenings, so he's reviewing movies based on the trailer alone.

Burn, Hollywood hippies, burn! All Ayo! Scott wanted was a mindless, excessively gory horror remake, but the wretched liberal activists who run the movie industry simply couldn't put a buck before substance. Their cause du jour? Police brutality against white people. Long profiled, abused, and oppressed by lawmen, small-town whities go ape shit and riot, burning cars and tearing down phone lines, after the sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) murders one of their local yokels just because he's wandered onto a crowded high school baseball field with a shotgun and a dead stare during a game.

Couldn't the pig have just shot him in the leg? No, he looked too athletic, and probably high on the PCP. As white rage boils over, white-on-white violence spirals out of control (and also leads to a mysterious epidemic of varicose and spider veins). Ayo! isn't sure if it's a case for or against cops shooting white folks like crackers in a barrel, but what matters is that something is being said here, and really isn't that the greatest tragedy of all? Check out the trailer for yourself below to see what Ayo! is talking about...


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