The Orphan, a horror movie about an adoption gone wrong, hits theaters today. And while we here at Complex love the kids (not in a R. Kelly or Woody Allen way or anything) we have no tolerance for children that act up and act out.

We were raised in a time when we caught a quick back hand if we stepped out of line. Ah, the good ol' days. But while Hollywood loves making movies about disgruntled adolescents, we find the craziest kids are found outside of Hollywood, and, for some reason, on YouTube. Keep reading to see 5 of the worst behaved children in the world, and be thankful none of them belong to you...

KID: Great White Nightmare.
EVIL OFFENSE: Use of the N-bomb...amongst other things.
PUNISHMENT WE'D INSTITUTE:Five years as Remy Ma's personal assistant with duties including, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow and Brazilian waxing, as well as the reading of Papoose's sexually tinged love letters.

KID: Broad Street Bully
EVIL OFFENSE: Berating his mother for a glass of chocolate milk.
PUNISHMENT WE'D INSTITUTE: Having to drink Rick Ross's chocolate milk. Ayo!

KID: Marlboro Tyke
EVIL OFFENSE: Underage smoking.
PUNISHMENT WE'D INSTITUTE: For this one, we believe the blame falls upon the parents' shoulders. Therefore, we'd nub their fingers and put a hole in their trachea.

KID: Fat Kid with PMS.
EVIL OFFENSE: Domestic abuse against his mother. And by domestic abuse, we mean slapping his mom across the face on live television.
PUNISHMENT WE'D INSTITUTE: Noah obviously needs all types of help: he needs to join a fat camp, he needs some sort of father figure, he needs to learn how to slap better—we sentence him to five months on tour with Chris Brown.

KID: Latarian Milton
EVIL OFFENSE: Doing hoodrat things with his friends.
PUNISHMENT WE'D INSTITUTE: This kid's alright with us. Yo, Latarian, we got some spots opening up for fall internships here at the 'Plex. Holla!