Sony Will Delay Gran Turismo 6...Out of Habit
Gran Turismo 5 had one of the most tumultuous production cycles in recent memory, teasing its fans with a demo and a half-baked version of the final product before delaying the real game several times. In fact, we almost wrote it off for 2010 after the developer signaled a kinda-sorta release window in and around the holiday season. (In developer-speak, that pretty much means “sometime in the millennium.”) The delays were so bad that when the game was finally released, many fans (including this writer) were burned out from the constant stream of disappointing news and simply looked all of the other hundreds of games in 2010 that were released without a hitch.? Think that won't happen again? Sure, we may be a year or six early on this one, but we're stickin' to it.