2K Games Will Be Acquired
While we’re on the subject, the last time 2K was in serious talks to be acquired was when Grand Theft Auto IV was selling like hotcakes and EA was trying to put a ring on it. EA eventually failed, which turned out to be a boondoggle for 2K as their stock shares went tumbling. Now, the developer has restocked with massive new intellectual properties such as BioShock and Red Dead Redemption, not to mention having the popular NBA 2K series and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V on the horizon, making them an enticing buy for larger publishers like as EA or Activision, or media companies who want to expand their portfolio into video games. What this means for us gamers won’t be known in the short term, but good shepherds of the 2K Games brand will allow them to continue to pump out awesome games and experiment with new IPs. Or, if EA buys them, they’ll finally be able to out out a basketball game worth playing again.