Allison, from A&E's Intervention, isn't inhaling oxygen in her ride.

One of the few gems of the past decade's reality television explosion—besides these hotties, of course—has been drug-crazed rehab television. Where else can you see alkies chugging mouthwash or heroin addicts multitasking by shooting up while driving?

TLC announced this week that it will soon join the sick, sad, and unintentionally hilarious world of rehab TV when it debuts Addicted in March. You can bet on seeing another network exploiting helping druggies overcome their joneses. In hope of seeing more ridiculous moments, let's take a look back at some of the craziest moments in Rehab TV's young but oh so mature history...

5. Peter, A&E Intervention
Addiction: Video game addict Peter plays, on average, between 17 and 24 hours per day and even refers to himself as the fictional characters. Among a bunch of other crazy shit in this clip, he describes the jubilation he feels after beating bosses in various games.
Complex says: We suggest Peter relaxes on trying to beat the level bosses and maybe his hot friend Rachel will let him beat something else.

<a href="" target="_blank">Gone Too Far Ep. 101 Amy</a>

4. Amy, MTV Gone Too Far with DJ AM
Addiction: Shortly before his death, DJ AM began filming episodes in which he helped kids overcome drug addictions similar to the ones he faced. In the debut episode, Amy, a heroin addict, shoots up while behind the wheel (16:40).
Complex says: Police can't deduct enough points on her driver's license for that!


3. Leslie, A&E Intervention
Addiction: Leslie, a stay at home mother of three, swigs mouthwash when she can't get her hands on any other alcohol because it not only keeps your breath minty fresh but also contains 26.9% alcohol.
Complex says: We've all had desperate nights when we've opted for the $15 handle over the fifth for the same price but sometimes quantity over quality ain't worth it. Mouthwash may have 26.9% alcohol but swigging and swallowing it just means you're 100% crazy.

2. Christy, A&E Intervention
Addiction: In this clip, part-time stripper/full-time meth addict Christy fights her sister when she attempts to bring food for her. Oh, by the way, she's naked the entire time.
Complex says: Women + nudity = great reality television. On second thought, meth kinda cancels that all out.


1. Allison, A&E Intervention
Addiction: Allison is an inhalant addict who has no problem crossing county lines to scoop up all the inhalants at the office supply stores. She inhales in her car, at home, and in the GRAVEYARD!
Complex says: We can now thank assholes like this whenever our nearby office supply stores are out of normal products like computer dusters.

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