Mel Gibson is not one to forgive and forget.

Mel Gibson will have his revenge, and not just on Jews for killing Jesus. The anti-Semitic Aussie makes a triumphant return to payback films in his new thriller, Edge of Darkness, playing a Boston homicide detective whose daughter is gunned down in what appears to be an attempt on his life. When he discovers that she had a secret life and that corporate and government agents may have assassinated her to cover up more dirty deeds, he starts putting bullets in motherfuckers. It helps with the grieving process.

Crime and punishment flicks have always been Gibson's best (besides What Women Want, of course). In honor of his return to the genre, and so as to not piss him off, Complex revisits his history of heart-stopping revenge flicks.


MAD MAX (1979)
How Mel Is Wronged: In dystopic future Australia, a motorcycle gang led by a madman runs over police officer Max Rockatansky's wife and son, crushing them to death.
Mel's Revenge Highlight: In an unforgettable scene, Max handcuffs a gang member to a gas-leaking car that he sets to explode and leaves him with a hacksaw so he can try to free himself by cutting through his ankle. When it comes to retribution, this method is a cut above.


HAMLET (1990)
How Mel Is Wronged: His uncle, Claudius, poisons his father, King Hamlet, so he can usurp the Danish throne and present his crown jewels to Prince Hamlet's mom, Queen Gertrude.
Mel's Revenge Highlight: The prince forces Claudius to drink poison wine that his uncle had intended to murder him with. Vintage revenge!


How Mel Is Wronged: Aside from the general English oppression of his Scottish English sheriff cuts the throat of William Wallace's wife because the Scot wouldn't allow an English soldier to rape her.
Mel's Revenge Highlight: Aside from becoming a balls-out, bloodletting freedom fighter...murdering the sheriff's entire garrison, then killing him by slicing his throat with the same knife that the Englishman had used to dispatch wifey. The irony cuts deep.


RANSOM (1996)
How Mel Is Wronged: Kidnappers snatch multimillionaire airline owner Tom Mullen's son in the hopes of caking off.
Mel's Revenge Highlight: After realizing that the kidnappers might kill his son even if he pays their ransom, Mullen goes on TV to offer $2 million (then later $4 million) to whoever kills them. As it turns out, they're not such worthless scum after all!


PAYBACK (1999)
How Mel Is Wronged: Porter, a hood, is left for dead after his partner in crime and his wife shoot him in the back, betraying him for his $70,000 cut of a heist and payback for infidelity.
Mel's Revenge Highlight: In an attempt to recover his money, Porter kidnaps a mob boss' son, luring him into a limo with a call girl (posing as a birthday present from dad) who seductively handcuffs him, then gives him no sugar. That'll leave a bitter taste in your mouth!


How Mel Is Wronged: During the Revolutionary War, British troops burn down South Carolinian Benjamin Martin's house and kill two of his sons.
Mel's Revenge Highlight: In a duel with Colonel William Tavington, the nasty British commander responsible for his sons' deaths, Martin impales him with a bayonet and drops a two-liner on him. Sadly, "I'll give you a red coat!" is not one of them.


How Mel Is Wronged: The Jews tortured and killed Jesus!
Mel's Revenge Highlight: Gibson made over a half a billion dollars—money that the evil Jews who run Hollywood will never get their filthy, blood-stained hands on!—with a scholastically unsubstantiated, glorified torture porno that portrays Jews as a big-nosed, snarling, bloodthirsty horde, reinforcing classic anti-Semitic stereotypes. 'Cause, you know, it's not like Jesus preached forgiveness. Or historical accuracy.


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