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Nobody epitomizes the cynical, self-serving snake oil politician more than Joe Lieberman. Dude is a piece of work. Plucked from national obscurity to run as Gore's VP pick in 2000, the Connecticut lawyer has gone on to repeatedly stab his former party in the back like a vengeful infiltrator sent to settle a personal score. His latest bitch move involves him putting the "buster" in filibuster. Operating essentially as a prostitute for health insurance companies, Lieberman demanded Democrats this week to strip health care reform of the public option and Medicare expansion or he would hold back his support, which is necessary for the 60 votes it needs to pass in the senate. 

As it stands, the health care bill doesn't seem to really offer much change that Obama promised in his campaign, and the President has been rightfully feeling the wrath from progressives and Democratic leadership. While the debate continues over how effective Obama has been with reform, it's worth shedding light on his opponents who clearly provide significant obstacles. To get a sense of the slimy opportunistic baller blocking at work, here is a rundown of Joe "Public option Enemy #1" Lieberman's biggest snake moves...              

Supported Bush Policies, 2001
• One could almost blame Gore for heightening Lieberman's profile with the VP nod, but that's the risk with co-signs. Not long after Bush stole the election, Joe Blow wasted no time hopping on his jock, especially when it came to the "War On Terror". Shortly after 9/11, he expanded a conservative group he founded with Lynne Cheney - ACTA - to try and blacklist professors who question U.S. foreign policy. He then vigorously supported the Iraq War and backed Alberto Gonzales' memo to disregard the Geneva Conventions in support of torture. Now, that hurts.   


Aligns With Religious Right Over Terri Schiavo, 2005

• While campaigning for the Democratic primary in Connecticut's senate race, Lieberman defends his decision to stand with the "pro-lifers" during the tacky political tug-of-war surrounding Terri Schiavo, who was in a vegetative state for several years. After Schiavo died, the late Tim Russert asks Lieberman if he regretted his stance. Clinging to his conservative political opportunism, St. Joey reaffirms on the boob-tube, "I would have kept the tube in." *DEAD*



Switches To Independent Party, 2006

• Taking Too $hort's advice to get in where you fit in, Joey pulls the ultimate self-centered chess move after failing to secure Connecticut's Democratic primary election. Still intent on running CT like the kid Big Mike, Loser Lieberman goes the "indie" route to win re-election. Conservative slime balls couldn't have been more thrilled, considering that dozens came out in support - including Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Joe now began looking like Michael Rapaport in Higher Learning. "Look, my new friends!"    


Endorses John McCain, 2008

• If there was any doubt that Lieberman had gone rogue, it became as clear as his hair after endorsing Team Maverick. Not only did Joey Two-Time repeatedly slander Senator Obama, but he delivered the ultimate you-played-yourself blow by giving the keynote address at the Republican National Convention. Similar to a strategic hip-hop battle, McCain gassed his good friend up into thinking he'd sign him to the team, used him for promotion, and then swooped a younger and even crazier draft pick. Blame it on the record(s) .


Blocks Genuine Health Reform, 2009
• It's not surprising that Lieberman threatened to filibuster the health care bill considering that he has received $920,000 in campaign contributions from health insurance companies since 2005. F the people, he doesn't want to upset his political connects. Lieberman, who himself receives government-run health care, argues that Obama's plan is costly and would raise the deficit - never mind that the U.S. spends $5,000-a-second for the Iraq War. It looks like the administration is willing to endlessly compromise for the sake of political points it might gain for passage, but with adversaries like Lieberman, it's hard not to feel Obama's pain.