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Michael Steele has a tough job. Clearly exploited by Republicans for his assumed appeal to a diverse populace, the RNC Chairman is consistently mocked by both sides of the aisle. With a long history of GOP service, the son of a military man is now on the front lines of the GOP's image makeover. And it's ugly out there. His awkward attempt to co-opt "hip-hop slang"—such as referring to Obama's stimulus plan as "bling bling"—has been embarrassing, if not offensive.

But that's not to say he lacks any supporters. Even Mike Tyson, who was once married to Steele's sister, considers him a long-time friend and once offered to literally fight on his behalf. And with some GOP victories in Tuesday's election—most notably, governorships in Virginia and New Jersey—Steele was feeling himself. Now with chatter of possibly running against Obama in 2012, it's important to get up to speed with Steele's most recent nail-on-the-chalkboard moments...

Expresses His Admiration For Hip-Hop
• After the outpouring of support for Obama from the hip-hop community, the RNC just wanted to be down. Steele, who has been an active Republican since 1975, simultaneously tries to big up the culture for breaking down stereotypes while at the same time assuming that every black rapper is from the PJs. Chuck D's response: don't believe the hype.


Apologizes To Rush Limbaugh
• As Steele was fighting for respect from Chuck D and D.L. "Can't We All Just Get Along" Hughley, he threw some shots at Rush "The Liability" Limbaugh. After the right-wing power elite reminded Steele that he was merely a puppet, reduced to micro-managed talking points, he issued a humiliating apology. Although his recanting was indeed embarrassing, this mockery from the Morning Joe staff is its own cause for some vomit-a-little-in-my-mouth action. Oh, now you're a "moderate," Scarborough?    

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Shouts Out "Slum Love" To Bobby Jindal
• Not only does Steele continue to show his level of cultural ineptitude, but he exposes himself as an easily impressionable guy who will say almost anything to make people feel more comfortable. Professional weirdo Curtis Sliwa—most known for surviving an alleged hit by John Gotti Jr.—eggs him into a racist shout-out to fellow Republican Bobby Jindal. Steele takes the bait, and what follows: *shivers*


Says GOP Will Attract Minorities With "Fried Chicken"
• Nothing caused more backlash to the RNC head honcho than this clip of him speaking on minority recruitment tactics. While addressing a group of young Republicans, the grandson of South Carolinian sharecroppers jokes that he'll attract voters with fried chicken and potato salad—then quickly invokes Abe Lincoln. Yikes!


Assumes The Heisman Position
• Following some GOP victories in this week's elections, Steele was quick to throw out the humble pie and impersonate a certain college-football trophy. Whoa there, champ. With a knack for these outbursts, let's hope he does get that Republican nomination in 2012.     


Steele Wins Rap Battle Against Steve Colbert
• The editing on Steele's verse is classic.


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